SqueezeLeads is a proven way to get your hard-earned leads back from the unethical lead generation companies and competitors bidding on your brand name.

How many cases do you get stolen from you every month by lead generation companies and competitors bidding on your brand name in search?

How much is that costing you?

SqueezeLeads Math

Let’s use $50-$75 as your Current Cost Per Click on your firm’s brand keywords.

Lead Generation company bids on your firm’s brand name, as keywords, at this price.  The lead generation company has to do a little selling on the phone to sign up the caller as a client to a different law firm.  According to our data, the lead company converts about 10% of their clicks into signups.

Each signup then costs the lead company between $500-$750 or so.  They then sell the lead “signup” to another law firm at $1200-$1750, leaving the lead company with approximately $700-$1000 profit.

Your law firm has built tremendous brand equity.  So much equity, that these lead companies are able to monetize it for themselves by buying cheap clicks on your brand name.

The Big Problem

How can you stop them from bidding on your brand name, and stealing your cases?  You can’t just keep clicking on their ads, because Google’s algorithm catches your clicks and stops charging the competitor for those clicks.  Plus, that would be click fraud, which is against the law.

Google allows them to bid on your brand name, and it is within their guidelines, so they will not stop them.

They keep doing it, and you can’t stop them. 

Until now.

Our SqueezeLeads program is like no other.  It is designed to make the lead generation businesses that are stealing your cases, unprofitable, and give you the ability to steal your cases back!

How It Works

We have our own lead generation company, SqueezeLeads, that enters into the search engine auction.  We are a completely separate company from your law firm, and we are allowed to enter the PPC auction.  We then bid on your brand name, and forward you all of the calls/leads we generate.  We purposefully bid higher than your competitors, to drive up the price of your brand name keyword, by design.  We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to maximize the adverse effect on your competitors.

More SqueezeLeads Math

Let’s say we raise the bids for your brand name from $50 to $150.  Now, those same lead generation companies will immediately have to pay

(10 x $150 per click, instead of 10 x $50 per click)

$1500 for a signup that they are trying to sell for $1200-$1750.  We’ve taken all of their profit margin simply by raising the price per click.  Immediately, they can no longer afford paying $1500 or more for a signup.

But you can.  $1000-$1500 per signup is a reasonable cost per signup as we’re pushing your competitors off your brand name.

We’ve basically run a “Short Squeeze” on your brand name.  We run up the cost of your brand name, and squeeze out the competitors.  Hence, SqueezeLeads.


The Program

We charge a flat fee of $2500 per month for our service.

You prepay PPC costs each month, and/or reimburse PPC monthly costs.  All at cost, no PPC markup.

We enter into the Google auction with our Lead Generation landing page.  We push your competitors down, making them unprofitable. 

We direct all calls and web form lead directly to your office or answering service.

How You’ll See Success


You will see most leads come back to you through our PPC lead generation calls. We use our own tracking number, and the number of leads your receive each monthly is highly measurable.


You will see some leads come back through your Google Business Profile listing, as your competitors usually drop lower in the search results/


You will see, through "Auction Insights" that your competitors are pushed down and out... and our Lead Generation service can dominate the top spot. Our recent client saw his competitors drop dramatically in the rankings, from 96% top of the page to less than 2%.


Over time, you will see competitors drop out of the bidding on your brand name as it becomes unprofitable for them.

You will now have a permanent, very high barrier of entry for unethical newcomers who attempt to jump into bidding on your keyword.

More SqueezeLeads Math

If you get back 2 cases per month:

2 cases x $5000 x 12 months = $120,000 new revenue per year

If you get back 10 cases per month:

10 cases x $5000 x 12 months = $600,000 new revenue per year

You’ve worked hard to build your brand.  These are your leads.  We help you get them back.